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Say Goodbye to Staffing Woes: Get eatOS' Self-Service Kiosk For Your Restaurant.

Get Effortless Self-Ordering Starting at $0*/mo +Processing Fees

Direct Integration

Seamlessly integrates with a range of Point-of-Sales and Kitchen Display Systems, delivering a fast and effortless self-ordering experience for customers.

Increase Average Check Size

Our user-friendly algorithm is designed to make dining decisions effortless. Utilizing historic data, it furnishes personalized menu suggestions that perfectly align with customer preferences. A few clicks and you’ll have a customized selection tailored to your exact cravings.

Reduce Wait Times

Minimizing wait times and queues allows clients to experience swift service and increased profitability. This, in turn, boosts employee efficiency, allowing them to prioritize the crucial tasks of back-end operations and client satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

Streamline your operations and reduce overhead with a self-service ordering system. Our intuitive software simplifies the process for customers, enabling them to place their orders quickly and effortlessly.

key features

Restaurants Made Simple.

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